Spout is a system for Microsoft Windows for GPU accelerated sharing of graphics between applications in a similar way to Syphon for OSX. Spout supports DirectX 9, DirectX 11 and OpenGL textures. There is also a comprehensive SDK with example code for creating your own applications.



"SpoutCam" is a virtual webcam that is also a Spout receiver. A setup program provides options for frame rate and resolution and can be used to register for both 32 bit and 64 bit host programs.

Download the latest release from the repository Releases page below.
Refer to the instructions and "readme.txt" in the archive for further details.


Spout To NDI

Spout to NDI is a set of programs that allow Spout senders and receivers to share video, not only with each other but also by way of a network using the Newtek NDI (“Network Device Interface”) protocol. Unzip the distribution file to any convenient folder.



SpoutControls enables a Spout receiver to control a Spout sender. A C++ class enables programmers to develop a controlled Spout Sender with C++ or Processing that will react to user controls specific to the application from a Spout controller.

SpoutController.dll is a FreeframeGL Spout Receiver plugin that controls a Spout sender. The plugin provided with the SpoutControls 1.010 distribution is built for FreeframeGL 1.6 and requires a compatible host, such as Magic Music Visuals.

SpoutController FreeframeGL 1.6 installer

This version is not compatible with Resolume 7 which uses FreeframeGL 2. SpoutController 2.0 is built with FreeframeGL 2.0 so that it can be used in place of the distribution version. However, because Resolume no longer looks for plugins in subfolders, some changes are necessary to the location and renaming of the plugin.
Refer to the update documentation for the necessary changes.
Unzip the distribution file to any convenient folder.

SpoutController FreeframeGL 2.0 update


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Spout is open source software and there is no company or income to assist ongoing development, maintenance and support. So please consider becoming a supporter to help keep the project going. All contributions are most welcome.

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