Spout download

The latest Spout 2.006 Update 3 is packaged as a zip archive containing utility programs. "SpoutSettings" to set up options for for Spout texture sharing, demonstration sender and receiver applications, and SpoutCam together with it's own settings program.

The Spout 2.006 SDK is available by download or clone from the master branch on GitHub. The repository utility programs can still be used as well as those for Update 3, but the latest versions are ready for the next 2.007 release.

Download the zip archive below and extract to any convenient folder. Avoid folders that require administrator privileges. Refer to Readme.pdf in the archive for installation.



Spout is open source software and there is no company or income to assist ongoing development, maintenance and support. So please consider becoming a supporter to help keep the project going. All contributions are most welcome.

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