Spout setup

The latest update is a new release - Spout 2.007.

The installation file is part of a GitHub release. Download as instructed, extract to any convenient folder and refer to Setup.pdf in the archive for installation.

The previous 2.006 download is still available if required for testing here. To change back, run the 2.006 version of SpoutSettings again once. To return to 2.007 do the same in the "Spout 2.007" download folder. You can go back and forth in this way.


Spout SDK

Download or clone the 2.007 Spout SDK from the master branch on GitHub.
Existing 2.006 applications can be tested simply by re-building with the revised SDK files.
New features will become effective with no code changes.
Revisions will be first uploaded to the beta branch for testing.
Pull requests will only be accepted using this branch.


Spout is open source software and there is no company or income to assist ongoing development, maintenance and support. So please consider becoming a supporter to help keep the project going. All contributions are most welcome.

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