Spout setup

The latest Spout release contains a settings application "SpoutSettings"
that configures the registry and allows options to be selected.
Demonstration programs are also included.

Download the setup file as instructed.
Extract to any convenient folder and refer to "Setup.pdf" for details.

The earlier 2.006 version is still available if required for testing here.
After testing, run "SpoutSettings" from the latest release.


Spout SDK

Download or clone the 2.007 Spout SDK from the master branch on GitHub.
Existing applications can be updated by re-building with the revised SDK files.
Revisions will be first uploaded to the beta branch for testing.
Pull requests will only be accepted using the Beta branch.


SpoutControls enables a Spout receiver to control a Spout sender.
The project is no longer in active development but can still be used.

A C++ class enables a controlled Spout Sender to be developed with C++ or Processing that will react to user controls specific to the application from a Spout receiver controller.

SpoutController.dll is a FreeframeGL Spout Receiver plugin that controls a Spout sender. The plugin provided with the original SpoutControls 1.010 distribution is built for FreeframeGL 1.6 and requires a compatible host, such as Magic Music Visuals.

This version is not compatible with more recent versions of Resolume which use FreeframeGL 2. SpoutController2.dll is built with FreeframeGL 2.0 and can be used in place of the FreeframeGL 1.6 version. Unzip the distribution file to any convenient folder. This contains examples and documentation.


Spout is open source software and there is no company or income to assist ongoing development, maintenance and support. So please consider becoming a supporter to help keep the project going. All contributions are most welcome.

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